2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum

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Just cleanse, apply and let it soak in!

  • 1
    Cleanse your skin as usual – morning and/or evening
  • 2
    Apply a few drops of 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum to your face and hands
  • 3
    Apply your favourite treatments and moisturisers as usual



I find this very nice on my skin, it was a gift from a friend and I can't thank her enough

Amanda H.

This serum would have to be one of the best amongst the Boost Lab range (I've tried them all!). I think it is superior to the iconic and cult status The Ordinary one and at such an affordable price, I am in love. Really hydrating. I will be wearing this for years to come and always restocking.

Tanya T.

Feels lovely when applying, been using a few weeks and noticing my skin is looking and feeling much nicer. I ordered more during your sales

Kylie H.

You can feel the hydration as soon as you start to rub it in, plus is not heavy and greasy feeling. Love it!

Rach V.

Such a lovely serum to apply, feel luxurious and very hydrating. My skin is loving the extra care after washing away all the sunscreen

Kara D.

I’ve been searching for a decent hyaluronic acid product for a while and was so excited to find this serum. I love the texture and how well it absorbs. It’s so wonderful.


Loving this and all your products I love that I can use it with my regular skincare regime my skin has never looked better

Emily J.

The hydro boost serum is a great product. Can instantly feel a difference in my skin which is great. Definitely my favourite serum.


I’m very happy with my products I received and finding hydro boost EXCELLENT and seeing the difference the serum has made in a short time a day will continue to use this.


This has been a great addition to my daily moisturising routine. I’ve seen a difference in just a few days… My skin is looking hydrated and healthier. I love how Boost products allow me to still be able to use skin care of choice without it compromising my routine.

Heli V.

The product is super light on the skin and very hydrating. I apply this before sleep almost every night and it locks in the moisture on my skin leaving it soft and glowing when I wake up in morning.


Honestly, one of the best serums I have used.

I use to have real y flaky skin but since introducing this into my routine, I have noticed a huge remarkable difference! Would highly recommend.

Super Boost Essentials

  • Natural Bio-Complex

    forms a beautiful silky breathable layer over the skin while drawing moisture into the skin to quickly hydrate and keep it moisturised

  • Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid

    deeply penetrates all layers of the skin while remaining light weight and deeply nourishing

  • D-Panthenol

    strengthens the skin's moisture barrier by attracting water into the skin. Most effective for those with sensitive skin as it’s calming and can visibly reduce redness